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The Naked-Eye Planets in the Night SkyThe Naked-Eye Planets in the Night Sky

Descriptions and photographs of the naked-eye planets, how to identify them, where to find them and what can be seen with binoculars and small telescopes.


Night Sky photographsThe Night Sky

Photographs of the night sky taken with a standard 35mm-format camera.


Find Sagittarius in the Night Sky!Find Sagittarius

This is not a guide to finding your perfect Sagittarian partner! Rather, it describes how to find the constellation Sagittarius (The Archer) in the night sky. With photographs, diagrams and animations. 


The Zodiacal SkyThe Zodiacal Sky

Part of my sister website NakedEyePlanets.com, this series of articles describes the brighter stars and deep-sky objects (objects outside our Solar System) in the zodiacal band which can be seen through binoculars and small telescopes. The first two articles describe Aries, Taurus & Gemini and Cancer, Leo & Virgo.


Comet Hale-BoppComet Hale-Bopp

Sketches, photographs and personal diary notes on the famous comet of 1997. 


The Cornwall Solar Eclipse of 1999The Cornish Solar Eclipse

A personal account of the much-awaited total solar eclipse of 11th August 1999, the first to be seen from the British mainland for 72 years.

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Prehistoric Sites in Britain

Photo galleries of selected Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age sites in Britain, with descriptions.


Prehistoric Sites in EnglandPrehistoric Sites in England

(5 pages, 55 sites)


Prehistoric Sites in WalesPrehistoric Sites in Wales

(5 pages, 55 sites)


Prehistoric Sites in ScotlandPrehistoric Sites in Scotland

(2 pages, 16 sites)

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Archaeoastronomical study of Prehistoric Sites in South WalesArchaeo-Astronomical Survey of Prehistoric Sites in South Wales

A study of solar, lunar and stellar alignments which may have been incorporated into prehistoric sites in the South Wales region of the United Kingdom. Sites include stone circles, stone rows, cairns, barrows, standing stones and ring enclosures. With an introduction to archaeoastronomy and detailed tables of results. 


The Orientations of Neolithic Chambered Tombs in South WalesThe Orientations of Neolithic Chambered Tombs in South Wales

Examines the possible relationship of long cairn orientations to the Sun and Moon, and between the monuments themselves.


Astronomical Alignments at a Bronze Age Round Barrow in GwentAstronomical Alignments at a Bronze Age Round Barrow in Gwent

During excavation of a round barrow in 1940, two decorated stones were found to have been incorporated into a simple stone circle which was hidden beneath the earthen mound. What was the significance of the decorated stones? This article looks at a possible explanation.


A Possible Prehistoric Lunar Observation site at Loch Finlaggan, Islay, ScotlandA Possible Prehistoric Lunar Observation site at Loch Finlaggan, Islay, Scotland

Standing on top of a hillock next to the loch, might a prominent mountain range have been used in prehistoric times to study parts of the 18-year lunar cycle? 

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The Trindade Island UFO Photos (1958)The Trindade Island UFO Photos (1958)

This famous Brazilian case has long been considered amongst the strongest photographic evidence of extra-terrestrial visitation. But could there be an alternative explanation? This article investigates. 


The Rouen, France UFO Photo (1954)The Rouen, France UFO Photo (1954)

Allegedly taken by a French military pilot, this controversial photograph appears to show a flying disk with a 'turret-like' structure, and even surface markings. This article attempts to produce a plan, profile & section of the UFO. 


The Hawaii UFO Photo (1989)The Hawaii UFO Photo (1989)

A photograph taken by a British tourist showed a peculiar, elongated object in the sky. The Kodak Corporation studied the photo and suggested it could be an airliner. This article investigates the theory.


UFO over the Nellis Test Range, Nevada (1994)UFO over the Nellis Test Range, Nevada (1994)

United States Air Force cameras filmed a peculiar 'blimp-like' UFO flying inside the top secret Nellis Test Range in Nevada. This three-part article is the most detailed study of the video footage yet undertaken.


Part 1 - Examines operations on the Nellis Range, describes the tracking camera displays and identifies the location of 'S-30', from where the footage was filmed.

Part 2 - Studies the UFO's appearance and behavioural characteristics. It also attempts to reconstruct the UFO, in the form of a three-view diagram and a scale model.

Part 3 - Examines the UFO's performance capabilities and discusses its possible function and origin.

Soundtrack - Read the complete transcript of the S-30 footage, and listen to audio clips.


Identified Flying Objects (IFOs)Identified Flying Objects (IFOs)

Personal accounts of lights in the sky which at first seemed to defy explanation - until a solution was found. 

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Other Photographs

Pictures of the British CountrysidePictures of the British Countryside

(4 pages, 24 pictures)


Stereoscopic (3-D Stereo) picturesStereoscopic (3D Stereo) pictures

Adding the third dimension



Drawings & Sketches by Martin J PowellArtwork by Martin J. Powell

A selection of drawings and sketches from 1981 to 1996  (3 pages, 19 pictures)

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